Design your own burger, choose your bun, meat, cheese and add vegetables and complements as you wish.

 1. Bread

(max. 1)



 Seed Brioche

2. Burger

(max. 1)

 Beef 200gr

 Grilled chicken / Crispy chicken

 Marinated Pulled Chicken

 BBQ Pulled Pork

3. Cheese

(max. 1)

 Monterrey Jack



 Goat cheese



 Cured sheep cheese

4. Salad

(Max. 3)

 Lettuce – Rocket lettuce – Canons

 Natural tomato – Grilled tomato

 Natural onion – Grilled onion – Crispy onion – Caramelized onion


(Max. 2)


 Serrano ham






Extra meat +4€  /  BBQ Pulled Pork +2,5€
Extra ingredient +1€ / Jar of melted cheese +2€


NEW YORKER: Burger bun, beef, monterrey jack, natural tomato, crispy onion and bacon.

NAPOLITANA: Artisian bun, beef, mozzarella, rocket lettuce, dried tomato and mushrooms.

IBÉRICA: Artisian bun, beef, cured goat cheese, natural toamato, caramelized onion and serrano ham..

TENESSE: Burger bun, crispy chicken, cheddar, lettuce, natural tomato, bacon and egg.

MARSELLESA: Seed brioche, grilled chicken or marinated pulled chicken, canons, grilled tomato, onion and guacamole..

All burgers are accompanied with chips and 2 onion rings.